A Remembrance of Friendships

I began playing Mario Kart Wii on its release date of April, 2008. I liked it enough offline—Wi-Fi was an unknown facet of games to me until later that year—however, what made my love for it bloom was not its old-and-tried charm but its online world. It revealed an alluring dimension that, eventually and providentially, led me to the Community that became both my lover and my enemy. Here is where I met the reason—reasons—why I still spend time with this luck-based torture device: my friends.

My roster is forever changing. Nonetheless, there are a few people who are unvarying, perpetual, carved into my Wii. In our lingo we call them permanent and I am lucky—a paradox to the reality of my racing—to know them.

*Friend rosters hold different records depending on the player’s screen. As a rule of thumb, your own screen will say you’re either winning by more or losing by less.
*I only posted the pictures of the players that I have had for more than a year.

NMeade: I added Nicholas on February 1, 2010. Before that, he was already my friend; since then, nothing has changed. He is a humble, kindhearted, brilliant individual that has a mind several seasons older than his actual age would indicate. Plus, he plays the violin so he gets a cool sticker in my book by default.


MARIO: Jorge is part of the select few that reside in Olympus. No other Time Trailer has achieved all the milestones that he has; he didn’t set the bar but created it. He cannot be surpassed; he can only be matched by the select few that share his aristocratic blood.


Norway: I have known Carl for a very long time. To the public he is the epitome of the classic diplomat, but do not be fooled: He also has his dark side. A good friend and fellow leader of All Stars, I can’t imagine our clan still alive without his indispensable effort and presence.


S.Tanney: I added Shaun in 2009 and he was my very first “famous person”. The record reflects his preternatural talent and I still think of him as the best all-around player ever to race—the Michael Jordan of Mario Kart.


Brendan: If Tanney was the best overall player, Brendan is undoubtedly the greatest line ever to grace our tracks. He was light-years ahead of his time with runs that still evoke jealousy in the Time Trailers of today. Regardless of his TT fame, he was also deadly on Wi-Fi, amounting hacker-like leads and ravaging many a Grand Prix.


Døøm: I added Aziz on the summer of 2009. It was the most active period of Mario Kart for me, as five hour worldwides were a common fixture back then. I remember Doom and I would stay on Skype and pull all-nighters, often allying for Alvin’s clan or joining Japanese rooms. He is one of the most laid-back and funny people I know, and he is my favorite record—memories of “Oh gosh, my Wii just turned off by itself!” are very dear to me.


Rv£S: I added Alves in one of Doom’s fun rooms. I had raced him a lot before then, and I felt determined to impress him so he would accept my request—I was a fan boy of his. After doing exceptionally well—I sealed the deal when I took the shroomless cut on BC3 with him watching—he accepted my invitation. He is my proudest record because, if you have ever faced him on Wi-Fi, you will understand how difficult it is to beat him. Lethal comes to mind.


¢hαø$: I added Andrew in 2010. A month later, he joined All Stars. Since then, I have watched his astronomical ascend into the throne—the one that used to belong to S.Tanney—and claim the title of best all-around player. He has also become a beloved friend and one of my favorite people in the community.


カナブン: Kanabun was the first Japanese player I ever added. He is also the most active person I have from that region and does not take worldwides too seriously—unlike me—so you will see him joining with unpredictable vehicle/character combinations.


Spear: I added Trent in January 11, 2010. He impressed me with his kryken-like skill on his mach bike. I knew I had to have him so I requested him on YouTube and the rest is history. One of my favorite adds.


¢òól: Alec is the person I have raced the most in the community—easily more than ten thousand races. We have deleted each other several times because, frankly, we are the dinosaurs of Mario Kart and too much history has been shared between us. Thankfully, we have let go of the past and now we are good friends.


Sωοrd: A comedian at heart, Tomothy is better known to the community for his remarkable accomplishments in Time Trials; to his friends, he is known as the guy who cannot see his own amazing self clearly. He has a rare Mario Kart disorder called racing dysmorphia. We pray for his full recovery.


わさ: I added Wasa in one of Cool’s fun rooms. He and I share one of the most competitive records I have today.


S.Rahman: I wanted to close with my closest friend on the Internet. Jerk is the reason why I still play Mario Kart and I enjoy racing alongside him the most out of everyone I have ever played. A man of great values that walks his talk, he has earned my respect both inside and outside the track.


"Time is but a face in the water"
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