The Tale of 59

From Guillermo Vilas’ 46 straight matches in 1977, to the 21 games in a row won by the New England Patriots, winning streaks have always drawn the fiercest battles between the ones chasing history and those who wish to end it.

All Stars made their own mark in that immeasurable list of renowned victories and infamous defeats when we triumphed over Alliance Rainbow for our 59 consecutive win. Our mission to conquer commenced on February 15, 2011 and lasted until May 14 of the same year, a period of relentless domination.

In that span we defeated such behemoths as Infected With Skill and Koopa Clan—close encounters and demolitions alike. Our teamwork and Wi-Fi skills reached preternatural levels: we were one flawless and powerful machine moving fearlessly through the castles of our adversaries and claiming their silk-lined thrones, their proud crowns. All Stars finally reached their full potential—the birth of the Crimson King— and we no longer knew how to lose.

Then came the 60th war in our reign. It was for the World Clan League and against a very old rival of ours: Koopa Clan. These great racers had already given us difficult challenges—we had beaten them four times in our streak before this encounter—so we understood the magnitude of the match. We marched in wounded but confident—we did not have our strongest lineup—and the promises were fulfilled as it was a mighty fight until the very end. From bomb snipes and thundercloud struggles, to third lap finishes of heart-wrenching results and significance, the war was the epitome of intensity.

When the dust finally settled we stood defeated.

So our streak met its end, and we simply moved on. We did not dwell on it lest it would lead us into Discordia. But we do take much from this accomplishment as it has allowed All Stars to transcend into a higher plane and become the true sovereign of Mario Kart.

Infected With Skill:

Koopa Clan:

Alliance Rainbow:

The Loss:

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