A Clichéd War

Sunday, April 3, 2011

An eternal thunderstorm that plagued our every race… This war felt like a tedious and painful chore, the kind of activity saved solely for the punishment of bad-mannered children. We have outgrown the population. No longer do encounters ignite passion within us, or even evoke the lustful competitiveness we used to strive on, crave. Conformity has claimed us.

I feel the passage of time—a savage wind lashing at my face—and it is neither invigorating nor kind. Soon we will turn to stone only to be admired from afar, to be remembered.

All Stars λ★ 488  vs  Meteor M» 144

140 — 104

170 — 74

178 — 66

λ★Rαgξ - 126
λ★ Dεmιsξ - 102
λ★S.Rαhmαη - 88
λ★Larry-S - 87
λ★Venom - 85

Notes: Meteor was penalized with 100 points because they trolled us on BC3—Venom, Jerk and I—and on DKJP—Larry, Rage, Jerk and I.

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