Tiger against Tiger

A clash of preternatural forces; the proud French, the vain Americans. We knew this war might be our primary obstacle in our road to the perfect season, and the omen spoke truth. Nerves plagued the first Grand Prix; we surrendered it with a series of uncharacteristic errors from our part and great strategic plays from Koopa Clan.

On the second Grand Prix, All Stars naturally struck back with our trademark frontrunning and teamwork. I thought we had finally crushed ĸ¢ mentally, but I was utterly wrong: Third Grand Prix clearly illustrated that they are made of steel and proved to be a bloody battle until the very end. We were down thirteen points going into last race, and we felt the gargantuan pressure of our victory streak deep within ourselves—an endeavor of ice. Still, we managed to control the intense tension long enough to triumph over this talented opponent in a finale worthy of television.

All Stars λ★ 370  vs  Koopa Clan ĸ¢ 362

113 — 131

142 — 102


115 — 129

λ★Døøm: 109
λ★ Dεmιsξ: 93
λ★¢hαø$☆: 82
λ★Larry-S: 78
λ★S.Rαhmαη: 8

Notes: MKCL match. Jerk counter-bagged the entire war.

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