The Children of Olympus

Monday, ‎May ‎23, ‎2011

One of the funniest worldwides I have played in a while. All we did was try to rape and outshine each other.

All Stars WW

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Cole made a rare appearance on Wi-Fi to the amusement of most. The room became a high-profile worldwide in which I maintained my 95’s for its entire duration.


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I innocently joined Nicholas for some fun races. I woke up, asked him who was in his worldwide, keke was mentioned, so I spammed my way in. If I would have known then what was in store for me, I would have settled for a few chapters of The Queen of the Damned.  As it stands, I was bitched from left to right, every race, my dignity a distant memory from all the rape I suffered. I’ll need some time to recover from the trauma.

Everything went fine in the first few races.

Mildly bitched, but still unsuspecting.

A big, fat bitched. I started to get suspicious.


A full-blown, I-hate-Demise bitched to the face.


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I am delighted to say that Wasa and I raced together for the first time in months. I was ready to leave the worldwide—I was only there because of Doom—when, to my tremendous surprise, he joined me. He was slightly rusty, but I do hope he maintains activity so he can regain his entire form.

You might notice that on the second picture there are two Demise’s. One of them is Chaos, my good friend. You must be doing something right when the best Mario Kart player in the world uses your name. Just saying.



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A Fun Room

Just a fun room I did last night. On the final Grand Prix, NMeade decided we were too formidable for him, so he played funky/flame while we equipped ourselves with sneaksters and dragsters.

Okay, so maybe he missed my message on the chat regarding the choice of vehicles. Sounded cooler my way.



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